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Pianos for Hire and Sale

Young Chang Upright Piano (672)

    Serial number: 75881. This Model 108C Young Chang was built in the later 1990’s and rebranded Bernhard Steiner in South Africa. We’ve become very fond of Young Chang uprights, finding them to be of high quality, extremely comparable to their better-known counterparts while offering a well finished modern aesthetic to… Read More »Young Chang Upright Piano (672)

    Rippen Upright Piano (292)

      Serial number 18001. This piano was manufactured in the Netherlands, Holland, in 1954. It is a highly attractive example of the make with the ever-popular and eloquent Queen Anne legs and a medium-toned mahogany finish. The piano has 88 keys and 2 pedals. The DE 292 Rippen upright pianoforte with… Read More »Rippen Upright Piano (292)

      Danemann Upright Piano (286)

        Serial number: 63980. This piano was manufactured in London, in 1946. Danemann is a well-recognised English make of stylish pianos built to a high standard. This is an exquisite example of the make with its figured-walnut casing and beautifully matched veneer. Imagine the builder’s craftmanship and consideration… The whimsical graining… Read More »Danemann Upright Piano (286)

        Otto Bach Upright Piano (137)

          Serial number: 31602. This attractive piano is a late model Otto Bach which was proudly manufactured in South African. The piano’s mahogany finish was repolished to a satin finish before we purchased it (in April 2024). It has the ever-popular Queen Anne leg detail with additional mouldings and scrolls on… Read More »Otto Bach Upright Piano (137)

          Otto Bach Upright Piano (136)

            Serial number: 35884. This is a late model, likely a late 80’s version, of the Classic design Otto Bach manufactured in the Dietmann factory in the Cape, South Africa. In a walnut case, the piano is in original condition with very light use, even having its original stool. These pianos… Read More »Otto Bach Upright Piano (136)

            Kelman Upright Piano (530)

              Serial number: 11989. This piano was manufactured in London, England in about 1930. This is an example of an English Reconditioned piano. There is more information about English modernised pianos below the photographs. We have just finished painting this piano with Granny B’s Black Betty chalk paint and it now… Read More »Kelman Upright Piano (530)

              Bösendorfer Grand Piano (942)

                Serial number: 27780. This piano was manufactured in Vienna, Austria, in 1957. We are fortunate enough to have found and purchased this piano from this fabled maker who has become one of Austria’s most famous exports. In the world of pianos, we do not think any single brand has achieved… Read More »Bösendorfer Grand Piano (942)

                Kawai Grand Piano (925)

                  Serial number 330995. This Model No. 330 K. Kawai was manufactured in Japan. In a time when Kawai was not recognised as a make, the piano was relabelled Bernhard Steiner. Note the photo where they have rubbed out Kawai to add Bernhard Steiner, yet have kept the Kawai factory logos… Read More »Kawai Grand Piano (925)

                  Eavestaff Upright Piano (038)

                    Serial number: 158131. This piano was manufactured in London, England in the 1950’s. It has a figured-walnut casing and a highly attractive structure, unusually taller than the typical Eavestaff whilst still maintaining a desirably small footprint. The dimensions of this piano are a height of 110 cm, width of 137.5… Read More »Eavestaff Upright Piano (038)

                    Kawai Upright Piano (669)

                      Serial number: 238569. This piano was manufactured in Japan. Kawai is a most respected piano maker. The action is one that will suit an intermediate to high level player. The casing is an attractive walnut and the structure is sweet and tidy with modern, clean lines. The tone is cheerful,… Read More »Kawai Upright Piano (669)

                      Yamaha Grand Piano (953)

                        Serial number: K J3783970. This Model GB1 Yamaha Grand was manufactured in Indonesia. This is probably the newest Yamaha we have had in stock. According to the original owner, it was bought new in 2022 and, literally, has never been played, serving as a furniture piece, covered by a crocheted… Read More »Yamaha Grand Piano (953)

                        Schimmel Upright Piano (662)

                          Serial number: 186803. This Schimmel upright was manufactured in Braunsweig, Gemany. This is a “little wonder” of a piano. Schimmel has for long been regarded as one of the best and highest quality pianos in the world. To get something this good with such a beautiful action in a very… Read More »Schimmel Upright Piano (662)

                          Kawai Upright Piano (661)

                            Serial number: 328174. This Model K-20 Kawai was manufactured in Japan. Kawai is recognised as a high-quality brand who build pianos of professional use standards. This tall model upright certainly lives up to this expectation and offers an unusually full rich tone not really achievable in small uprights. Eastern zone… Read More »Kawai Upright Piano (661)

                            Young Chang Upright Piano (660)

                              Serial number 8105277. This Model U121 Young Chang piano was manufactured in Korea. Young Chang has a well-established reputation for quality pianos. They have collaborated with some of the most famous piano brands and factories to develop and build an extremely good quality instrument. It is hard to believe that… Read More »Young Chang Upright Piano (660)

                              Samick Upright Piano (700)

                                Samick is a well-recognised Korean brand of piano. We have several of their pianos in our stock and find them to be extremely comparable to competitors and they supersede some in terms of a very high build quality and – importantly – in consistency. Many makers build some good and… Read More »Samick Upright Piano (700)

                                Dietmann Upright Piano (429)

                                  It is surprising that the Dietmann brand is not as familiar as Otto Bach, as South African manufactured Otto Bach pianos were built in the Dietmann Factory. Most Dietmann pianos are a step up in quality from Otto Bach pianos, some venture into the premier range. This is a premier… Read More »Dietmann Upright Piano (429)