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Our Piano Gallery

This Piano Gallery has been evolving over many years to serve as a reference to provide insight about the huge variety and brands of pianos on the market, hopefully creating a useful resource for anyone interested in learning more about pianos.

View our stock of pianos currently available for hire and/or sale on our intermediate upright, premier upright and grand piano pages.

The Eshelby Pianos’ Piano Gallery

Eshelby Pianos started creating this alphabetized gallery record of pre-owned pianos (that we have or have had for sale or hire), with photographs and details about the pianos as well as the manufacturers, in January 2015. By April 2018, the page had to be split into several sub-pages.

With having to re-create our website to keep up with the times in early 2023, it is going to take a while to reload all of our pianos and we would also like to start adding details about other pianos that we have worked with (but not owned) or have knowledge about with the intention of providing more information about pianos. For example, we have not owned a Quant piano and have no intention to, but would like to indicate why.

We hope that it can be a resource and provide insight about the variety of pianos available for anyone interested in or seeking more knowledge about pianos. Although we have answered many questions on our FAQ’s page and subpages, please let us know if you have any queries or suggestions!

View our stock of pianos currently available for hire and/or sale on our intermediate upright, premier upright and grand piano pages.

There are so many different pianos around that when looking to hire or purchase a piano, most people have very little idea about what is available and of the value of hiring or purchasing a used piano in relation to a new one. People often make the mistake of trying to buy a piano specifically by its make or brand, often not realising that a great many piano names are dealership brands or possibly discontinued factory names applied to new pianos rather than the factory that they claim to be from.

For example, one might see a range of Gors and Kallmann pianos, however a modern Gors and Kallmann would have practically no resemblance to one that was built in the original factory.

There are literally hundreds, possibly thousands, of makes out there, many of which are of the very best quality, but not necessarily well-known. As such, we would like to share our knowledge and endevour to be given the chance to demonstrate the merits of any of our secondhand pianos based on the individual piano.

We continuously trade in pianos, and as such have an extensive stock of previously used pianos held in storage which are due for restoration when time allows. As such, if you are looking for something other than what is shown on our website, please do provide us with a description of what you are looking for and we can let you know what is available.

View our stock of pianos currently available for hire and/or sale on our intermediate upright, premier upright and grand piano pages.

You can view the different pianos and piano manufacturers listed in alphabetical order, with photos and descriptions by selecting the links below or via the the sub-pages of this page in our menu.

A-B Piano Gallery:

Adolf Lehmann (Lehmann, Albert & Lehmann, Adolf & Co.); Ajello, Ajello & Sons; Albert Fahr (Fahr, Albert); Albert Finger (Finger, Albert); Albrecht; Alexander Hermann (Hermann, Alexander); Allison; Arion (Arion Piano Co.); Arthur Allison; August Dassel; August Förster (Förster, August); B. Squire (Squire, B. & Son), Bach; Baldwin; Baldwin Acrosonic; Bansall; Bansall & Son; Barratt & Robinson; Bechstein (C. Bechstein), Behar; Bell; Bentley, Bentley Piano Co.; Bernhard Steiner; Bluthner (Blüthner, Julius; Julius Blüthner); Bogs & Voigt; Bonn; Bösendorfer; Brasted (H& R Brasted); Broadley; Buckland, (C. A. Buckland); Bunhag.

C-D Piano Gallery:

C. Bach, Campbell, J.C.; Carl Ecke (Ecke, Carl); Carl Otto (Otto, Carl); Carl Schubert; Carl Weber; Carol Otto (Otto, Carol); C. Bach; Challen, Chas. H.; Chappell, Chappell Piano Co.; Chikering; Collard & Collard; Cramer, J.B. & Co.; Danemann, (Danemann, W. & Co.); Dienst; Dietmann.

E-G Piano Gallery:

Eavestaff (Eavestaff, W.G. & Sons); E. Bishop & Sons; Ebner; Ed. Seiler (Seiler, ED & Seiler, Ed.); Engelmann & Günthermann; Ennis & Co; Erich Otto; Ernest Kaps (Kaps, Ernest); Estey; Euterpe Pianos; Fehle (Fehle, Ebingen); Fehn (Fehn, A & Co.); Flefchner; Franz Lehar; Fritz Kuhla (Kuhla, Fritz); G. Adam; Gaveau; Geissler; George Rogers (Rogers, George and Sons); Geyer, Gooldini; Görs & Kallmann; Görs & Spangenberg, R.; Grotian (Grotian Steinweg).

H-J Piano Gallery:

H. Paetsch (Herman Paetsch); Haake; Hans Bauer; Hahn; Hanson; Hardman; Hausmann; Hermann Mayr (Mayr, Hermann); Heyl, G.; Hoffman; Hoffmann & Kuhne; Hoffmann; Hofmann & Czerny; Ibach (Rud. Ibach & Sohn); J.C. Campbell (Campbell, J.C.); Jarrett & Goudge; John Brinsmead, John & Son Brinsmead (Brinsmead, John & Son); John Broadwood (John & Son Broadwood LTD. & Broadwood, John); John Wagstaff (John Wagstaff & Son).

K-L Piano Gallery:

Karl Hecke; Kawai (Kawai America Corp); Karl Otto; Kelman; Kemble (Kemble Piano Group); Kimball (Kimball Piano Co.); Klinger; Knight (Knight, Alfred), Kohler & Campbell; Krauss; Langkilder; Leswein; Ludwig Meister.

M-N Piano Gallery:

Mackay Bros; Mahler (Mahler, Parka); Manthey Klaviano; Marshall and Rose; Max Halle; May-Berlin; Metzler; Monington & Weston; Moore & Moore; Mozart; Munt; Neugebauer (Neugebauer, A.C.); Neumann (Neumann, F. L.); Neumayer (Neumayer, Carl; Neumeyer, Gebr.); Niendorf (Gebr. Niendorf & Niendorf, Gebr.).

O-Q Piano Gallery:

Otto Bach; Petrof; Petrof Rösler; Phelps; Philadelphia and Lester; Pohlman; Prüchner.

R Piano Gallery:

Reid-Sohn (Reid and Sohn & Samick); Reinh; Reisbach; Rekewitz; R. Fischer; Rich. Lipp.; Rippen (Rippen Piano Co.); Ritmuller (Pearl River); Ritte Halle (Ritte-Halle); Robart; Romhildt; Rönisch; Rosler; R. Schröther; R. S. Howard.

S Piano Gallery:

Samick; Sandner, Sauter; Schiedmeyer (Schiedmeyer, and Soehne); Schimmel; Schindhelm; Scholze; Schönberg; Schröther; Schwechten; Shug Söhn; Sponnagel (Sponnagel, Eduard); Squire & Longson; Stahl; Steck; Steinberg; Steiner; Steinhoff; Steinmayer; Steinway (Steinway & Sons); Steuer (Steuer, Wilhelm); Stodart; Story & Clark (Story & Clark Piano Co. Factory); Strauss; Strohmenger; Suzuki.

Steinway Piano Gallery:

…because Steinway and Sons deserves its own page!

T-X Piano Gallery:

Thurmer; Uhlman Luxus; Valentine; Voet & Söhne; Wagner; Waldemar; Weber (Weber & Co.); Weimar; Weinbach (Weinbach Petrof); Welmar; W. H. Barnes; Wickam (Otto Bach); Wilhelm Hedke; William Squire; Witton & Witton; Wolfframm; Wölfram; Wurlitzer (Wurlitzer, The & Co).

Y-Z Piano Gallery:

Yamaha; Young Chang; Zeitter & Winkelmann (Winkellmann); Zender (Zender & Co.); Zenon; Zimmermann (Zimmermann, Gebr. & Gebr. Zimmermann).

Yamaha Piano Gallery:

…because Yamaha deserves its own page!