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Functional Piano Hire

Short term piano hire for special occasions, events, functions and temporary use.

Contact Deon Eshelby
to discuss or get a quote for functional piano hire.

Which pianos are available?

Eshelby Pianos offer’s a substantial variety of distinguished grand and upright pianos for hire (view the pianos currently available) for short term hire: daily hire for special events – such as weddings, conferences, music videos – as well as for temporary hire – like music examinations, concerts, when your piano is being repaired or when a pianist is visiting.

Steinway Grand

What information is necessary for a quote?

We required the following information:

  • which type of piano (upright or grand)
  • any extra specifications required (colour, brand et cetera),
  • the date/s (and time period) when the piano is required,
  • the venue,
  • whether or not the piano will be used in a covered area,
  • whether or not the piano can be collected and delivered during normal week day work hours,
  • and whether additional tuning and service will be required.

Can Eshelby Pianos provide a venue?

Because we are situated in such a lovely natural area (the Oori Nature Reserve) and have a variety of showrooms (varying between modern and quaint), we have hosted/ provided a venue for various series, photo and music videos.

Challen Grand

What are the costs involved?

The cost is largely dependent on the transport and whether or not the piano can be delivered as well as collected during normal working hours. Please enquire about the charges for these hires as they are dependent on which piano is being hired, the area to which it is going to be delivered, and the length of time for which it is going to be hired. The tuning and service of the piano prior to delivery is included, .

Steinway Grand