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Frequently Asked Questions

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

– Albert Einstein

If it has anything to do with pianos, contact Eshelby Pianos!

Monthly Piano Hire FAQ

This page provides information about long term piano rental from Eshelby Pianos.

Why hire a piano?

Which piano should you hire?

Why Hire A Piano From Eshelby Pianos?

How does the piano rental work?

Can you buy your hire piano?

Does Eshelby Pianos offer a rent-to-own option?

Where do we rent pianos?

Piano Purchase FAQ

There are so many pianos for sale! This page provides information and guidelines to be considered when buying a piano.

Where can you buy a piano in Pretoria or Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa?

Where you able to find the piano that are looking from our current stock?

What Piano Should You buy?

What should you look for when purchasing a piano?

Should you buy a piano from the private market?

Should you buy a piano from a piano teacher?

How do you test a piano?

Functional Piano hire

This page provides information about short term piano hire for special occasions, events, functions and temporary use.

Which pianos are available?

What are the costs involved?

What information is necessary for a quote?

Tuning and Service

Doe your piano need to be tuned?

When and how often do you need to tune your piano?

What causes a piano to go out of tune?

Repairs and Restoration FAQ

What’s the difference between repair and restoration?

With the website currently being recreated (March 2023), this section is still under construction. Many more questions about aspects of piano repair will be answered as time allows.

Repolishing or painting pianos

Oh! This certainly is an area that we will be elaborating on soon!

What’s the difference between polishing and painting a piano?

What are the different types of polishing finishes and/or techniques?

What are the different types of paint finishes?

Viewing pianos

How do you schedule to view the pianos?

What pianos can you view?

Where are the Eshelby Pianos’ showrooms?

How do you get to the Eshelby Pianos’ showrooms?

Selling your piano

Do you want to sell your piano?

Where can you sell your piano?

Should you have your piano evaluated before selling it?

Should you have your piano tuned before selling it?

Should you sell your piano ‘On Consignment’?

Should you donate your piano?

Piano Teachers

It is so important to find the right piano teacher to suit the learner!

Can you suggest a piano teacher?

Here we have a list of piano teachers who we have dealt with in the Johannesburg area. This list is not up to date at this stage due to time limitations.

More about Pianos

Do you want to learn more about pianos?

What is the action of a piano?

What is the difference between an overdamper and an underdamper?

Can you explain more about the different types of underdamper actions?

About us – Our Story

What does Eshelby Pianos do?

Who owns Eshelby Pianos?

Why choose Eshelby Pianso?

Where do we operate?

What is our history in the piano trade?