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 Grand Pianos for Hire and Sale

The appearance of a grand piano is stately, monumental and impressive! It is so moreish, including needing enough space and having a fairly generous budget. Some uprights really have brilliant dynamic sound, but with the option of opening the piano matched with a considerably larger sound board, longer strings and overall size, a grand piano holds it own in terms of range, resonance, tonality and responsive touch.

The pianos for hire and sale listed here are stock currently available at the time of the last weekly website update.

Upright Pianos

available for
hire & sale

Upright Pianos

available for
hire & sales






Contact us…

Jacqueline Eshelby

Deon Eshelby

Contact us…

Jacqueline Eshelby

Deon Eshelby

Allison Grand Piano (955)

Serial number: 55277. This anomalous and attractive Allison grand piano was manufactured in London.B…

Bechstein Grand Piano (908)

The serial number 123179 means it was manufactured in 1923, in Berlin, Germany. This is a Model A1 B…

Bösendorfer Grand Piano (942)

Serial number: 27780. This piano was manufactured in Vienna, Austria, in 1957. We are fortunate enou…

Carl Ecke Grand Piano (901)

The piano was built in Germany in the 1930’s. The German pianos of this era were largely of to…

Challen Grand Piano (952)

Serial number: 73709. This piano was manufactured in London in 1950. It has a satin black finish. Yo…

Gors & Kallmann Grand Piano (935)

Serial number: 63227. This piano was manufactured in Berlin, Germany. It has been finished to a brus…

Ibach Grand Piano (932)

Serial number: 83747. This piano was built in Germany in 1921. Ibach is one of Germany’s best-…

Metzler Grand Piano (926)

Serial number: 65163. This piano has small proportions and is finished in a French Provincial, light…

Monington & Weston Grand Piano (918)

Serial number: 68265. This highly attractive grand was built in London in 1953 and is an unusual cab…

Schiedmayer Grand Piano (921)

This piano was manufactured in 1968. The model has beautiful cabriole legs and a traditional lyre-sh…

Steinway Grand Piano (909)

Serial number 291133. This is an exceptionally rare “modern” model S grand, built in 193…

Steinway Grand Piano (922)

Serial number: 219271. This Model M, 170 cm, Steinway was built in New York in 1923. It has a walnut…

Steinway Grand Piano (930)

Serial number: 393074; Model S. This piano was manufactured in Hamburg, Germany, and was imported an…

Yamaha Grand Piano (953)

Serial number: K J3783970. This Model GB1 Yamaha Grand was manufactured in Indonesia. This is probab…

Yamaha Grand Piano (959)

Serial number 6289303. This Model C1 Yamaha grand piano was manufactured in Japan. This is exactly t…

Monthly Piano Hire

Eshelby Pianos supply quality acoustic pianos for rental/hire to areas in and around greater Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Hiring a piano is a great option if you are indecisive about which piano to buy, it is also a way to inexpensively see if a hobby is going to be long-term. As one continues to play, they are likely to develop a preference for the tone, touch and general feel of a piano. Each one is unique, even if it is made from the same manufacturer and is the same model.

Functional Piano Hire

Eshelby Pianos offer’s a substantial variety of distinguished grand and upright pianos for hire (view the pianos currently available) for short term hire: daily hire for special events – such as weddings, conferences, music videos – as well as for temporary hire – like music examinations, concerts, when your piano is being repaired or when a pianist is visiting.

Buying a piano

When you want to purchase a piano and look at at pianos for sale, it is always better to have an idea of what you are looking for as well as physically view and try out the piano in relation to others.

There are literally hundreds, possibly thousands, of makes out there, many of which are of the very best quality, but not necessarily well-known.

There are so many aspects to consider when purchasing a piano. We have detailed many considerations…