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Piano Tuning & Service

Contact Deon (Phone or WhatsApp) if you would like to get your piano tuned or repaired.

Does your piano need to be tuned?

Contact Deon (Mobile or WhatsApp) if you would like to get your piano tuned or repaired.

The tuning would include a general service and many minor onsite repairs. If your piano requires more to maintain tuning, Deon would let you know before tuning.

When and how often do you need to tune your piano?

Although some may insist that your piano needs to be tuned every six months or once a year, your piano only needs to be tuned when it sounds necessary!

Your piano would more likely need to be serviced after it is moved, but one should wait a few weeks for it to settle in a new environment before tuning it – unless it sounds rather necessary or one of the keys is sticking.

What causes a piano to go out of tune?

One would naturally need to tune their piano give or take on an annual basis depending on use and condition.

These are various reasons why your piano could go out of tune:

changes in humidity (it is always best to have a well-watered plant near – but not on – your piano to maintain humidity);

a flaw in the piano;

being played more often;

being played more firmly;

the impact of transport (although this is unlikely if transported by a professional) and;

the placement of the piano (draft, sunlight, et cetera).

*It has been a really dry winter and this has had a great impact on the tuning of pianos. It is best to wait for at least two weeks after the first rains befor tuning your piano as the tuning will change (likely improve) as humidity comes back iinto the air. Furthermore, if tuned before, you may need to tune it again as the humidity increases. However, if one of the notes is sticking, it is best to get this addressed as soon as possible.