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Contact Eshelby Pianos

If it’s pianos, contact Eshelby Pianos!

Contact us for any enquiries about pianos.

Jacqueline Eshelby

082 348 6131

082 348 6131

“We are here to help each other get through this thing, whatever it is.”

― Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a Country

Deon Eshelby

082 675 3549

082 675 3549

As Deon is generally working on pianos, the best way to contact him is via WhatsApp or by phoning him.

“Contact with the customer is what business is all about.”

― Jay Leno

Eshelby Pianos

Contact hours:

Work hours:

Viewing hours:
Viewing is by appointment only.
Contact Deon to schedule to view the pianos in our showrooms.

49 Winsome Valley Road, Riverside Estates, Lanseria, Centurion Rural

“The piano as a medium for expression is a whole world by itself. No other instrument can fill or replace its own say in the world of emotion, sentiment, poetry, imagery and fancy”

― Leopold Godowsky

The Eshelby Pianos showrooms displaying our pianos for sale and/or hire are situated in the Oori Nature Reserve –
49 Winsome Valley Road, Riverside Estates
– near Lanseria, Gauteng.
It can be a bit confusing as the road falls into three areas: Broederstroom (0240), Lanseria (1748) and Centurion Rural, Gauteng, South Africa.

Google Maps provides the best directions to the Eshelby Pianos showrooms.

Search for ‘Eshelby Pianos‘ or ‘49 Winsome Valley Road‘.

Directions to our showrooms and workshops at:

From Fourways:
Witkoppen into Cedar Road, past Chartwell. Turn left, then immediately (20m) right, over bridge, road curves to the left. Turn right at robots into Malibongwe. Pass Blue shopping centre robots. Over hill. Pass home of Chicken Pie. Over hill. Pass Rhenosterspruit Garage. Towards the top of the next hill, the road curves to the right, turn right into Winsome Valley Road. (There is and intersecting road sign on the left, then the road name on the left).

From Hartebeespoort way:
Turn onto Malibongwe. Pass Alpha Training Centre, Lesedi Conference Centre. Just past the Kalkheuvel enterance, there is an intersecting road sign as well as the road name sign (Winsome Valley Road) on your right, but you must turn left into the sand road.

As you turn into the sand road…

The road almost immediately curves to the left (90 degrees), then to the right (90 degrees). Pass through the gate house and continue forward, for about 3.5 kilometers, until the road curves right (90 degrees). Instead of continuing with the road curve, continue forward into property
entrance (49 Winsome Valley Road). Keep to the left, road takes you to the showrooms and workshops.

Upright Pianos

available for
hire & sale

Upright Pianos

available for
hire & sales


available for
hire & sale







monthly hire,
functional hire,