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Eshelby Pianos has the best variety of upright and grand pianos available for hire and sale in Gauteng!

Intermediate Upright Pianos

currently available for
Hire and Sale

Our intermediate range of pianos suits beginner learners up to piano grade/level 6; even at that level it may not be necessary to hire a premier piano unless the player intends on hosting a concert in their lounge. Most piano teachers would teach from pianos in this range. This range includes pianos like Challen, Kemble, Knight, Otto Bach, Rippen, Zimmerman.

Premier Upright Pianos

currently available for
Hire and Sale

Although our intermediate range of pianos are of a high quality, our premier range is superior. At Eshelby Pianos you are able to view, compare, purchase or hire the best pianos available in the world, like Steinway & Sons, Bechstein, Blüthner, Bösendorfer, Grotrian-Steinweg, Yamaha, Kawai, many other internationally regarded brands as well as some really special, unique and rare pianos.

Grand Pianos

currently available for
Hire and Sale

The appearance of a grand piano is stately, monumental and impressive! It is so morish, including needing enough space and having a fairly generous budget. Some uprights really have brilliant dynamic sound, but with the option of opening the piano matched with a considerably larger sound board, longer strings and overall size, a grand piano holds it own in terms of range, resonance, tonality and responsive touch.

Pianos Under Restoration

Pianos under restoration includes pianos in need of repair, refurbishment, reconditioning, rehabilitation and/or general maintenance.

Our storerooms are bursting with some of the most famous and renowned makes of pianos; a few of fascinating, didactic museum value, as well as intermediate makes that need to be re-painted or restored. Due to the high cost of quality restoration and fitting the rhythm of current demand, some pianos lie in wait yearning and hankering for heed, waiting for adequate and requisite time, being kept because they are in demand; are of excellent quality and/or rarity.

Isn’t it great when you have an idea of exactly which finish you want on a piano and you can see those in need of a repolish?


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Our Story

We, Deon and Jacqueline, own and run Eshelby Pianos and we are passionate about pianos and thus our business!

As a family-run business (vast and substantial in terms of what we offer and the variety of our stock, but personal and purposefully limited in terms of staff), we endeavour to provide honest information, brilliant service and a variety of quality stock. We service, restore and re-polish our pianos ourselves, as such are confident about the quality of our stock.

Eshelby Pianos has over 425 pianos hired out in and around the Gauteng area and approximately 150 pianos currently available for sale and/or hire at our showrooms.

Our Piano Gallery

This Piano Gallery has been evolving over many years to serve as a reference to provide insight about the huge variety and brands of pianos on the market, hopefully creating a useful resource for anyone interested in learning more about pianos.

The pianos are listed in alphabetical order with photographs, descriptions and details…

Contact us…

Jacqueline Eshelby
Phone or WhatsApp 082 348 6131
Email jacqueline

Deon Eshelby
Phone or WhatsApp 082 675 3549
Email deon

Recently added Stock…

We continuously trade in pianos, and as such have an ever-changing and extensive stock of previously owned pianos available. Although our website is updated on a weekly basis, we always have many pianos awaiting assessment and detailing. As such, if you are looking for something other than what is shown on the pages of our website, please do provide us with a description of what you are looking for and we can let you know what is available.

Albert Fahr Upright Piano (332)

The piano was manufactured in Zeitz, Germany. It is a rather tall piano, certainly with masculine ov…

Bernhard Steiner Upright Piano (430)

Although it is labelled, or rebranded, a Bernhard Steiner – even on its frame – the piano is very mu…

Ed. Seiler Upright Piano (450)

Serial number: 2053/83091. This superb, premier-quality piano is of Danish descent. Seiler was one o…

Chappell Upright Piano (442)

Serial number: 79580. This piano was manufactured in London. We really like this piano because of it…

Carl Weber Upright Piano (411)

This is a lovely looking small piano – a dainty, feminine feel accentuated by its Queen Anne style l…

Collard & Collard Upright Piano (253)

Serial number 181970/8140/3374. This piano was manufactured in London, England in the early 1910’s. …

Schonberg Upright Piano (072)

With an attractive dark brown, mahogany finish, this is a good, taller piano, with clean proportions…

Chappell Upright Piano (031)

Serial number: 101390. This piano was manufactured in London.This is a rather attractive traditional…

Young Chang Upright Piano (686)

Serial number: 0076788. This is a Model U131 Young Chang piano. It was manufactured in Korea. Althou…

Yamaha Upright Piano (670)

Serial number: J25148993. This Model JU109 PE was assembled by Yamaha in Indonesia. This piano is li…

Yamaha Upright Piano (669)

Serial number: 894837. This Model U1 Yamaha upright piano was manufactured in Japan. The U1 is the u…

Challen Upright Piano (519)

Serial number: 83680; 84642. This piano was manufactured in London. The structure of the piano has b…