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Steinway Upright Piano (782)

    Serial number: 263220. This Model K Vertegrand Steinway and Sons Upright Piano was built in 1928 in Hamburg, Germany. This is one of those pianos which gives us a real sense of why a Steinway is a Steinway and why they have the reputation they do.

    We purchased it as a one family-owned piano, and it was obviously cared for and cherished by the generations of the family who it has served. The rosewater casing shows its age in being slightly imperfect in areas but beautifully patinated and worth saving as it has taken 90 years to get to this state and is like this just once… Untouched, completely original, in mind this is a once in a lifetime find. Originality outweighs restoration if that is possible…

    The piano has grand piano like richness and depth of tone with the typical Steinway, and slightly heavier touch weight one expects. It has 88 keys, with original ivory naturals and 2 pedals. The dimensions are a height of 132 cm, a width of 156.5 cm and a depth of 69 cm.

    The DE 782 Steinway and Sons Upright Pianoforte with stool is currently hired out.