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Steinway Upright Piano (745)

    Serial number 94163. The date on the metal frame shows it being cast on the 31st of December 1898. This is a monumentally sized piano at 137 cm tall. The piano has a flame mahogany casing.
    The case has been slightly altered, the legs are incorrect, the top panel should have fluted pilasters and detail, the top should have mouldings. These parts are unobtainable and will have to be manufactured using photographs of a correct piano as the template.
    The action is in good condition however we are not happy with some of the details and materials so will be restoring it back to correct.
    Fortunately, the ivory keys are in remarkably good condition and are all original.
    We will not be re-polishing the case except for the replacement parts, as it retains a wonderful patina built up over 120 odd years.
    The piano has 88 keys and 2 pedals.
    The final sales price when completed will be in the vicinity of R 160 000.00.
    Should anyone show interest pre-restoration we will happily discuss this at a much lower value.
    Upright Steinways are rare. This will be a magnificent instrument with great potential and can be considered by any serious player and collector. It will certainly have a story to tell.
    The DE 745 Steinway and Sons Upright Pianoforte and stool is currently under restoration.