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Samick Upright Piano (718)

    Serial number: 417303. Samick Model S-105. This piano was manufactured in Korea. We have become rather fond of the Samick brand, which is overlooked in the local market as a very good alternative option to the better-known Eastern brands of pianos.

    This is a walnut-cased modern upright in excellent, original, one-previous owner condition. Barely any use shows. Touches like the brass toes and obvious quality of finish make it an extremely attractive, compact choice. This is a lovely, compact, modern piano.

    The tone lacks the tinny sound often associated with pianos produced in the East, in favour of a much more rounded, smooth and mellower one; it is a well-rounded, full tone, which is surprisingly rich from a piano of this size. It has 88 keys – with a silky smooth medium to firm touch very well suited to a more serious player – and 2 pedals. The dimensions are a height of 105 cm, a width of 148 cm and a depth of 50,5 cm.

    The DE 718 Samick upright pianoforte and stool is available for hire and sale.
    Hire price: launch charge of R 2 150.00 and monthly charge of R 575.00.
    Sale price: R 35 000.00 (incl. VAT).

    Piano trivia…

    The Yamaha name dominates the South African piano marketplace due to marketing and the number of previously imported pianos. Yet, their competition and alignment of quality with Kawai is head-to-head in the East. The Samick brand has been evolving in the South African market for many years, but generally hidden behind the ‘Bernhard Steiner’ re-branding or their ‘Hazelton Bros.’ export-only label. More accessibly priced than both other Eastern makes of pianos, Samick are consistently of superior quality, we have yet to find one that could be considered entry level.