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Suzuki Upright Piano (765)

    Serial number: IKKDU1176. This Suzuki Model AU100 is of Eastern origin and manufactured in about 2014. The piano looks literally new externally and internally!

    We are genuinely surprised by this piano in that one tends to put Eastern made pianos in a specific bracket and are doubtful of longevity due to the manufacture process being less well known or easily quantified. This piano is different! With a solid and smooth feel to the mechanisms and keys, good balanced tone with an impressive bass, it is an impressive piano. Even in terms of construction, one feels it is solid, having back frame supports and the like, something often taken away in the manufacture of a cheaper piano, even one of high repute. The casing is very well constructed, parts match and fit exceptionally well and have a better-than-usual quality feel.

    The gloss black finish is stunning. One can’t but marvel at how such a perfect finish is achieved. It is compact and of the modern styling everyone seems to want.

    The piano has 88 keys – with a heavier style touch, very well suited to a slightly older child or anyone looking to build technique -and 3 pedals. The third one being a sostenuto pedal. The dimensions are a height of 109 cm, a width of 146 cm and a depth of 55.5 cm.

    The DE 765 Suzuki Upright Pianoforte and stool is currently hired out.