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Steinway Upright Piano (795)

    A pianola is a piano equipped to be played automatically using a piano roll. This is one of those magical pianos that one watches and listens to in wonder as it comes alive like a ghost is playing music.

    It is a phenomenal attribute for the time in which it was manufactured.

    The DE 795 Steinway and Sons Pianola Upright Pianoforte is currently unavailable.

    A pianola in time…

    Consider the early 1900’s, when pianos were features of homes. Newlyweds strived to purchase a piano as much as essential furniture. Pianos were a central feature to homes as well as general socialising. The advancement of a piano playing by itself must have been unbelievable and a dazzling, distinguished draw card for venues.

    With the technological revolution that has occurred since then, and is still occurring, the Yamaha Disklavier could be an example of a modern pianola: having the qualities of a decent, highly recognised acoustic piano as well as features of the best one could get from a keyboard, being able to play music from devices as well as record songs and… the piano playing itself, however, reliant on electricity.

    We are, however, exceptionally cautious about electric pianos as technological advancement is so rapid! A recently produced Disklavier dependant on a CD has already become outdated…

    Eshelby Pianos has had two examples of Yamaha Disklavier Grand pianos: the DE 962 Yamaha Grand and the DE 993 Yamaha Grand.