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Kohler & Campbell Upright Piano (785)

    Serial number 582841. The piano was manufactured in the U.S.A. What a nice surprise to find this piano! It is a Console model piano which is taller than a Spinet model, but in keeping with the design features of these ever popular and attractive pieces. This is a relatively modern piano. American pianos have a great reputation for reliability and strength and are built from fantastic quality timber and parts. They very rarely experience the same issues of soundboard and pin block faults which most other pianos are susceptible to in our harsh climate.

    The piano has a walnut casing with a matching original stool; 88 keys – with a medium to heavier touch weight – and 3 pedals (the centre pedal operating the bass dampers only). The dimensions of this piano are a height of 105 cm, a width 148,5 cm and a depth 63,5 cm.

    The DE 785 Kohler & Campbell upright pianoforte and stool is available for hire and sale.
    Hire price: launch charge of R 2 150.00 and monthly charge of R 525.00.
    Sale price: …to be added soon.