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Kawai Upright Piano (789)

    Serial number 33885. This is a model KX-21 Yamaha piano. The Kawai brand has an excellent quality standard and reputation. Indicated by the previous owner to be about six years old, this piano is as new as one could hope to find on the market. Finished in a high gloss mahogany of a dark brown, rather than a traditionally red stain. In a magnificent, practically unused condition, we do not come across offerings like this often.

    The tone is superb and makes one wonder how the factory achieves such a powerful sound. The bass is especially strong. It has 88 keys. This piano’s dimensions are height of 121 cm, a width of 150 cm and depth of 56.5 cm.

    The DE 789 Kawai upright pianoforte and stool was sold in March 2018.