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John Broadwood Upright Piano (134)

    This piano was manufactured in London, England. Broadwood is one of the very oldest and respected British piano firms. Broadwood produced a vast variety of pianos as pianos were evolving. Pianos were a desired certain in every household, especially so in the European environment. They were designed to be a fabulous furniture feature of one’s home as well as serving as the main entertainment. This carried through the 1900’s but lacks in most piano production today.

    Repolished in September 2016, this one is a very attractive piece, of larger proportions. Consequently, it carries an unusually strong tone. There seems to be a resurgence in preference for more unique, subtly antique-looking style and features in homes, thus pianos like this one have become far more popular. It is not a machine-manufactured imitation repro, it bears hand-craftmanship and originality. The aspects, like the blissful carved lines, frames and edgings are brilliant attributes, together with the bold and brilliant side-leg design, achieving an accomplished authentic aesthetic.

    The JAE 134 John Broadwood Upright Pianoforte and stool is currently hired out.