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Ibach Upright Piano (762)

    Serial numbers: 104289; 93 618. This is a “treasure” of a piano; a proper Ibach, of very fine quality. German pianos are rare on our market, especially post-war, later models like this. Ibach is one of the most historic and renowned German piano builders. The piano is fitted with a Renner action.

    The quality of a piano like this surpasses expectations. It shows in the attention to detail and wonderful sound and touch. It has a very compact design, with a richer tone than one would expect from a small piano, and an unusually light colour walnut casing make it aesthetically pleasing as well – a lovely thing!

    The piano has 88 keys, with a heavier touch as sought by many students and teachers, and 3 pedals. Please note though that the sostenuto/practice pedal rail inside is operated by hand. The dimensions of this piano are a height of 101 cm, a width of 142 cm and a depth of 53 cm.

    The DE 762 Rud. Ibach Upright Pianoforte and stool was sold in July 2023.