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Ibach Upright Piano (203)

    This Ibach piano was manufactured in the Dietmann Factory in South Africa, likely in the later 1980’s.

    This is a superior quality piano aesthetically and in internal build! This can be seen in the detail of the light walnut casing, matching stool. It is beautiful with Queen Anne legs, a delicate frame in the top panel and other refined edging details. The piano also has a German Renner Action. The piano is very nice, probably one of our best Dietmann-built pianos. There is a slight cracklier in the polish, but it is not noticeable and part of its character.

    It has a lovely rich tone with a singing treble. The piano has 88 keys – with a medium to lighter touch – and 2 pedals, however it’s effectively a 3 pedal piano as it does have a sostenuto rail which is operated by a lever underneath the keyboard instead of the middle pedal as is common. The dimensions of this piano are a height of 113 cm, a width of 145 cm and a depth of 56 cm.

    The DE 203 Ibach Upright Pianoforte with stool is currently hired out.