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Hofmann & Czerny Upright Piano (759)

    Serial number: 44394. This piano was manufactured by Hofmann in Vienna, Austria. The piano has been labelled as Hofmann and Czerny, however no other branding is present except for the Hofmann badge on the frame.

    It has a magnificent, figured walnut casing, which has been refinished in one of our favourite polishes – providing a waxed, natural look which hugely popular. The piano was repolished in August 2019. The impressive veneer work and book-matching is evident. It also has attractive Queen Anne legs and the option to open the top like one would a grand piano. This is a superior quality piano comparable to any other top brand. It is one of our favourite pianos.

    As one would expect, it has a rich and warm tone. The piano has 88 keys – with a medium to firmer touch-weight – and 3 pedals. The naturals retain their original ivory and are in a wonderful condition. The dimensions are a height of 118 cm, a width of 153 cm and a depth of 61 cm.

    The DE 759 Hofmann and Czerny Upright Pianoforte with stool is currently hired out.

    These photographs show how the piano looked before Eshelby Pianos repolished it. The contrast is remarkable!