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Steinway Grand Piano (939)

    Serial number: 284962. This Model S-155 Steinway piano was manufactured in New York, in 1936 and has a mahogany casing. American Steinways have a particularly light feel in their case design, having less chunky square tapered legs on spade feet than German models and the squared off rather than rounded cheeks give a very clean look.

    We obtained the piano from a gentleman who inherited the family farm in the Northern Cape where it had been housed for as long as anyone could remember. It wasn’t working properly and that with the difficult location probably explains the lack of use. This is a piano with an amazing tone, completely original in condition. We see no point in doing any major work; rather, we see great value in keeping it as original. The tone and feel of this piano is what Steinway felt it should be when it left the factory. The only major refurbishment we intend on doing is to re-polish the casing and original stool. We would like to await a buyer who can choose their preferred re-polishing option as this is a blank canvas at this stage. It would also suit a black finish, but we are always considerate of the extra care taken in building pianos in a wood rather than painted finish. The ivory keys are in superb condition and the piano shows very little wear. The piano has 88 keys and 3 pedals. It is a wonderful thing!

    The DE 939 Steinway and Sons Grand Pianoforte with stool is currently awaiting restoration.