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Young Chang Upright Piano (660)

    Serial number 8105277. This Model U121 Young Chang piano was manufactured in Korea. Young Chang has a well-established reputation for quality pianos. They have collaborated with some of the most famous piano brands and factories to develop and build an extremely good quality instrument. It is hard to believe that these pianos were once imported and rebranded Bernhard Steiner to make them more marketable. The U-series is a top of the range offering and these pianos can be easily compared to many of their counterparts. In fact, we feel they are actually nicer in some regards in terms of tone quality and a consistent sound.

    This one is in a walnut case and is sturdy and stately in appearance. The condition is original and extremely good throughout. The tone is rounded and rich, with a class leading bass resonance. It has 88 keys – with a medium firm touch – and 3 pedals. The middle pedal is a practice pedals and operates a celeste felt rail. The dimensions are a height of 121 cm, a width of 151 cm and a depth of 63 cm.

    The DE 660 Young Chang (rebranded Bernhard Steiner) upright pianoforte and stool is available for hire and sale.
    Hire price: a launch charge of R 2 150.00 followed by a monthly charge of R 650.00.
    Sale price R 48 500.00 (incl. VAT).