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Schimmel Upright Piano (662)

    Serial number: 186803. This Schimmel upright was manufactured in Braunsweig, Gemany. This is a “little wonder” of a piano. Schimmel has for long been regarded as one of the best and highest quality pianos in the world. To get something this good with such a beautiful action in a very compact piano is highly unusual. The stained black oak casing is also very unusual, giving a timeless, understated aesthetic, often lacking in modern offerings. Please note the photo showing the stained grain look of the cabinet.

    The adjustable, turning stool shown is the original supplied by Schimmel. Note unusual details like the use of nickel instead of brass on the metal fittings and pedals. These features show great thought to design again lacking on many modern offerings. New German built pianos cost a fortune in our terms. Compare the quality, craftsmanship and heritage of this brand to what is generally seen on the market and this becomes a bargain!

    The tone is consistent and rounded – something German pianos are famous for! The piano has 88 keys – with a firm to heavier touch weight, ideal for more serious pianists and students – and 3 pedals. The middle pedal is a practice pedal, operating the celeste felt rail. The dimensions are a height of 103 cm, a width of 135,5 cm and a depth of 51 cm.

    The DE 662 Schimmel upright pianoforte and stool is available for hire and sale.
    Hire price: launch charge of R 2 150.00 and monthly charge of R 850.00.
    Sale price: R 75 000.00 (incl. VAT).

    Piano trivia:

    Schimmel has been lauded as one of the longest standing family-run pianos businesses, starting in Liepzig, Germany in 1885. Although Pearl River secured 90% of the firm’s shares in 2016, the fourth generation Schimmel family is still involved.

    The three factories still function separately producing distinctively labelled pianos: the continuation of the post WW2 premier quality producing factory in Brawnsweig, Germany, the more accessibly priced piano factory in Kalisz, Poland and the pianos produced in the Pearl River factory in Guangzhou, China.

    Pearl River is currently likely the largest piano manufacturer in the world. This was a conscientious move forward to evolve and keep up with current market demands as well as to maintain the developed traditional higher end craftmanship that has defined Schimmel pianos for over a century.

    “…Back in Braunschweig, Hannes Schimmel-Vogel is philosophical about losing control of his company. The biggest battle for Schimmel in the last years was not globalisation or low-cost Chinese pianos, he says, but the thriving second-hand market in Schimmel’s own pianos.

    The irony of creating a quality product that, by its very nature, is built to last decades, he says, is that you end up competing with yourself.”

    Extracted from: The Irish Times, 23 April 2016