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Kawai Upright Piano (661)

    Serial number: 328174. This Model K-20 Kawai was manufactured in Japan. Kawai is recognised as a high-quality brand who build pianos of professional use standards.

    This tall model upright certainly lives up to this expectation and offers an unusually full rich tone not really achievable in small uprights. Eastern zone pianos of this era carried an often more favourable rounder tone quality compared to later examples. This high gloss black-cased beautiful piano is a feature piece as well as a quality instrument! Please note that the photographs have been taken as the piano arrived and it is in a dusty state, in need of polishing.

    The piano has 88 keys – with a medium touch weight – and 2 pedals. The dimensions are a height of 124 cm, a width of 148 cm and a depth of 61 cm.

    The DE 661 K. Kawai upright pianoforte with stool is available for hire and sale.
    Hire price: a launch charge of R 2 150.00 followed by a monthly charge of R 950.00.
    Sale price R 62 500.00 (incl. VAT).