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Gors & Kallmann Upright Piano (412)

    Manufactured in Berlin, Germany, this is an exceptionally good piano. It stands 1.3m tall. This is a true ‘upright-grand’ – a big piano with big tone! These are the pianos that have given pre-war German makes their amazing reputation. There really is no need to say more…

    Eshelby Pianos painted the piano with a bold and brilliant blue chalk paint in around 2015. The height of the piano is matched with frames and other adornments. These features are ideally suited to layered chalk paint as they provide depth and thus a contrast of colour between lighter areas and the darker shadows. And as the years go by, the chalk paint will start to wear, and the undercoat will be revealed building up a proper French Provincial finish.

    The piano retains pre-war craftmanship and ivory keys, while presenting itself as a chic denim-blue trendy feature piece.

    The JAE 412 Görs & Kallmann Upright Piano with stool is available for hire only.
    Hire price: launch charge of R 1 950.00 and monthly charge of R 475.00.