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Steinway Grand Piano (930)

    Serial number: 393074; Model S. This piano was manufactured in Hamburg, Germany, and was imported and sold by Bothners in November, 1969, for R 2996.00, to the family who sold it on to us in August 2018. This is a very late model Steinway in South African terms, given how few were brought into and remain in the country.
    The piano is in an untouched state presently. We will have to re-polish the mahogany casing as the original polyester finish has cracked, a common problem with that finish over time. If purchased before doing so, we’d like to offer the buyer the choice of finish.
    The soundboard and components are in good condition, the soundboard varnish shows crackling, this is not detrimental, nor unusual, but we will probably re-do the varnish as it doesn’t add to the aesthetic value of such a beautiful instrument.
    The ivory keys are in wonderful condition without any replacement or chipping.
    The action is in excellent condition, as are the felts. It would be entirely unnecessary to replace anything but the whole system will of course be fully serviced.
    The DE 930 Steinway Grand Pianoforte and stool is available for sale.
    Sale price, including restoration work as discussed, is R 405 000.00 (incl. VAT).