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Steinway Grand Piano (909)

    Serial number 291133. This is an exceptionally rare “modern” model S grand, built in 1938. The case-design is extremely unusual, so much so that we – nor other interested parties at the time the piano was offered for sale – believed it to be original, however the authenticity was confirmed by Steinways themselves, and the casing is correct. It is a New York edition. Steinway grands tend to look like Steinway grands -with the exception of veneer choices, finished colour, and occasional Chippendale (Cabriole leg) models – most follow the same pattern. To find something like this is remarkable, and it might be said, not to be repeated, in South Africa. Being a true statement piece, retaining its design presence and collectible appeal, this surely has to be an investment for the future.
    The casing is currently in walnut, according to the previous owner, his dad received it in black, and Steinway’s report confirms this, so it is probably not in its original guise. It could be taken back to black if required, however it looks wonderful as it stands.
    There is no major internal work needed, again, we would rather see the original integrity of the instrument kept and restoring it should detract from the value rather than add to it.
    The DE 909 Steinway and Sons Grand Pianoforte with stool is available for hire and sale.
    Hire price: launch charge of R 3950.00 and monthly charge of R 2950.00.
    Sale price: R 455 000.00 (incl. VAT).