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Suzuki Grand Piano (956)

    Serial number: DH38302. This piano was produced in the East and rebranded for Suzuki.

    We would estimate the age of the instrument at 10 years. The piano was used as a decorator piece in the home it was bought for and appears to be unused. It’s all original, including the gloss black casing. The build quality, action and keys all appear to be of sturdy structure. This is the type of stock we cannot get enough of. It offers the aesthetic currently sought, at a very reasonable price, for good quality.

    The tone is crisp with an exceptionally good voice and surprising depth. We were not sure what it would produce and are pleased to say it exceeded our initial expectations. It has 88 keys – with a smooth, medium weight touch – and 3 pedals. The middle is a sostenuto, which exceeds what is offered by some of the competition. Its dimensions are a width of 148.5 cm and a length (depth) of 152 cm.

    Having barely been in our showrooms for three months and not yet advertised on our website, the DE 956 Suzuki Grand Pianoforte and stool was sold in April 2023.