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Steinway Upright Piano (793)

    Serial number 107496. This Steinway was built in Hamburg, in 1902. Steinway is generally considered as the top piano maker.

    The piano has a rosewood casing with an outstanding patina, developed to this gleaming finish by well over 100 years of care and polishing. It is rare to find an original finish on a piano of this age in such beautiful condition. The action has had work done previously, including general service work and new hammer heads. The dampers are original as is the balance of the mechanism. It retains in addition it’s ivory clad keyboard in excellent condition. What an amazing piece!

    The tone is exceedingly rich and mellow with a powerful expression when needed. The piano has 88 keys – with a heavier, typically Steinway touch, which is an unusual feel for an upright, giving the feel of something closer to a grand touch – and 2 pedals. The dimensions of this piano are a height of 125 cm, a width of 156 cm and a depth of 70.5 cm.

    The DE 793 Steinway and Sons upright piano and stool is currently hired out.