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Steinway Upright Piano (703)

    Serial number: 103012. This piano was manufactured in Hamburg, Germany in 1901. This incredible find is what a piano lover and restorer lives for! It is a rosewood-cased upright with inlays and boxwood banding. Very thankfully, the casing is as original and undamaged. We certainly would not re-polish this, but simply tidy up and liven the wonderful patina developed over 120 years. The back of the piano is sound and – also – untouched. The tuning pins are extremely firm, with merely one replacement treble string!

    This is surely a testament to the extreme quality of a piano which has been lauded since it’s maker’s inception into piano building. The action required some restoration, one must have sound hammers and felts to achieve the best tone and touch. This is a piano which despite its antiquity must be played seriously, without caution. The piano has 88 keys with ivory naturals.

    The DE 703 Steinway and Sons Upright Pianoforte and stool was sold during June 2021.