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Steinway Grand Piano (931)

    Serial number 360595. This Model A Steinway Grand Piano was manufactured in Hamburg, Germany in 1958. Larger model Steinways are extremely rare in South Africa and the purchase of this one was keenly sought and relatively hard-won. It had been many years since we last owned a Model A.

    The ebonised casing had been re-polished; this done many years ago, prior to us purchasing the piano. We felt that the job done was a good one and did not see the need or warrant in re-polishing it again, however, we tidied it in a few areas.

    The fall-board name, inlaid in brass, had been poorly done (as one can see in the photograph) and so we fixed this. It is a notoriously difficult job!

    The internals were completely as per factory without replacements or restoration.

    The soundboard showed signs of varnish spider-webbing (probably not the correct technical term), and we re-varnished it, in which case the frame and strings were removed and replaced with new tuning pins.

    We chose not to re-guild the metal frame as we prefer the original look of the existing paint.

    The action and keys are in wonderful condition.

    The hammers honestly show hardly any string indentations, and we therefore did not replace any of these parts, but of course carried out a full service procedure.

    The piano was purchased new by the seller’s father, sourced by him while in Germany, imported and placed in the family’s Bryanston home, from where we removed it, some 60 years later! We did not get the original stool with the piano, it having being kept with an antique stool instead, and thus replaced it with another.

    The piano has 88 keys – with original ivory naturals – and 3 pedals.

    The DE 931 Steinway and Sons Pianoforte and stool was sold in 2020.

    We will be adding more photographs of the piano as it was being restored and when it was completed as time allows.