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Schimmel Upright Piano (663)

    Serial number: 240212. This Schimmel was built in Braunsweig, Germany 1983. This is a very special find in South Africa as we simply do not see at all many later model European pianos. Although forty years old, it is a piano which dealers would view as a “newer” piano and the condition reflects this.

    This piano would have been manufactured after 1980, the year Schimmel hit the milestone of able to produce 10 000 pianos in their Braunsweig factory over the year and just before 1985 when the company developed CAPE software program to assist with manufacturing. It would be one of the most recent pianos built maintaining the Schimmel family traditional craftmanship.

    The highly desirable gloss black finish is original! The piano is original throughout – all in amazing condition! It has clearly only been extremely slightly used. It also has a Renner action which is always a mark of quality. A beautiful piano with the current modern styling, in gloss black, make this almost a one-of-a-kind option on our market. One simply cannot find equivalent quality from Germany at any price. These are ridiculously expensive pianos meant for professional use.

    The tone is lively – with great depth, extraordinary bass – and is extremely rounded. It has 88 keys – with a medium firm touch weight – and 3 pedals, the middle one being a practice pedal operating the celeste-felt rail. The pianos dimensions are a height of 117 cm, a width of 150 cm and a depth of 53,5 cm.

    The DE 663 Schimmel upright pianoforte and stool is currently hired out.