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Schimmel Grand Piano (902)

    Serial number: 71390. This piano was manufactured in Braunsweig, Germany. Schimmel is regarded as one of the world’s best piano makers and have been known to be quite avant-garde in their designs and use of unusual materials. Their quality cannot be questioned, and pricing of new instruments reflects this.

    This is truly one of the very best small grands we have had in stock. It has very modern lines, particularly in the unusually shaped pedal lyre. The condition is unbelievably good and original. When opening the piano, it looks practically new, retaining all the gloss and shimmer of the bright gold frame, shiny strings and brass work, white crisp felts and so on. Eshelby Pianos re-polished the piano to a high gloss black. This is a piano fit for professional use.

    It has an amazing richness of tone – however – also has a clarity on a level difficult to find in most pianos, particularly smaller version grands. The piano has 88 keys of tropicalised design – with a nice firm touch weight – and 2 pedals. The dimensions are a length of approximately 153 cm and a width of 149 cm.

    The DE 902 Schimmel, Wilhelm Grand Pianoforte with stool is currently hired out.