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Steinway Upright Piano (791)

    Serial number: 291307. Model Z Steinways are extremely scarce. This Model Z Steinway was built in Hamburg, Germany in 1938.This is often considered the Golden Age of piano building, the time, effort and expense attached to instruments of this period is unsurpassed. The quality of design, materials and craftsmanship has surely never been exceeded. This remarkably modern-looking and compact Steinway is something special!
    Smaller German Steinways are especially rare in South Africa, and this clean design in gloss black (re-polished October 2019) is superb. The phrase “quality speaks for itself ” has never been truer. The piano somehow draws one to it.
    A typical Steinway touch, on the heavier side, with an amazing action make this a consideration for any serious player. It has a wonderful, rich medium tone range with lots of potential for expression. The piano has 88 keys, with the naturals in original ivory, and 2 pedals. The dimensions of this piano are a height of 115 cm; width of 150 cm and depth of 60 cm.
    The DE 791 Steinway and Sons upright piano and stool is currently hired out.

    Below are photographs of what the piano looked like before Eshelby Pianos repolished it.