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Schiedmayer Upright Piano (608)

    Serial number: 54091. Built in 1952 in Stuttgart, Germany, this beautiful piano is a great example of a later model German piano, with all of the quality one could expect. It is extremely difficult to find a better choice than this sort of remarkable quality piano, especially in such a very un-used state.
    As people don’t generally know many piano brands, this type of instrument is often overlooked which is a travesty as it is superior to the makes people do largely recognise. It really is worth viewing our Piano Gallery range of Schiedmayer Pianos (owned or previously owned by Eshelby Pianos) as they are so varied in appearance and all have such obvious consideration to detail.
    Mahogany cased, this piano is highly attractive with Queen Anne legs, decorated frames and additional details like the carved wood at the edges of the keys. It has a wonderfully rich and rounded tone as only a high-quality German piano offers – the smooth sound that merges with the natural environment.
    This piano has 88 keys with a heavier weight providing excellent practice touch for someone looking to develop technique. The naturals are ivory clad. It has 3 pedals. The piano’s dimensions are a height of 115 cm; a width of 148.5 cm and a depth of 58 cm.
    The JAE 608 Schiedmayer And Sohne Upright Piano was sold in March 2023.