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Karl Hecke Upright Piano (096)

    Serial number 28871. This piano was manufactured in Germany and has a dark walnut finish. Although an unfamiliar make of piano, the euphonious sound produced is as a result of its internal quality and height. A piano like this is hard to beat. It is 132 cm tall!

    The JAE 096 Karl Hecke upright pianoforte and stool is currently hired out.

    Here is some more information about modernised pianos

    Referred to as ‘English Reconditions’, there was a period where tradesmen altered the original outer structures of pianos, adjusting the appearance of the pianos to adapt to current demand. The pianos were thus rebuilt and ‘modernised’. Changes included modification of the panel and overall shape; removal of mouldings and decoration and even, sometimes, the piano legs were changed. The most common and obvious change was usually with the top panel.

    Other examples of modernised pianos are the JAE 117 George Rogers Upright Piano, JAE 460 Carl Ecke Upright Piano, DE 275 Fritz Kuhla Upright Piano and DE 530 Kelman Upright Piano.