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Jarrett & Goudge Upright Piano (107)

    Serial number: 1098. This piano was manufactured in London, unusual for an English piano because of its large size. It has a burr walnut casing with a beautiful inlaid panel and fitted candlesticks.

    One needs to take a moment to consider the craftmanship that went into the construction of this piano. The inlay is intricate and perfect: the long, flyaway, organic lines merge into the leaves and delicate flowers caught in some sort of whimsical breeze, created with subtly contrasting shades of wood (matching the hue of the burr walnut veneer) and displaying the art nouveau style. It does not merely have frames! The fixtures are varied, detailed, and decorated over and above introducing volume and depth. In contrast, the legs are sturdy, strong and bold! Beyond this added artistry of additional adornments, the piano has a befitting hanging music desk. It looks amazing, certainly a piece that would suit a family who appreciate artisanship and/or are interested in antiques.

    The piano has a mellower tone whilst retaining clear and crisp clarity. It has 85 keys and 2 pedals. The dimensions are a width of 152 cm, a depth of 62 cm and a height of 129 cm.

    The JAE 107 Jarrett & Goudge Upright Pianoforte with matching stool is currently hired out.