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Ibach Grand Piano (932)

    Serial number: 83747. This piano was built in Germany in 1921. Ibach is one of Germany’s best-known piano builders.
    The piano is very original condition is a testament to being well kept and lightly used. We feel to simply give the piano a major service and cleaning, as to undertake any major repair seems unnecessary and adds cost but not value-to-use. Any age-related condition “faults” would be pointed out to prospective buyers. Such as a few blemishes on the ebony casing, a soundboard crack et cetera, and show why we feel these don’t warrant repair.
    The casing is extremely elegant, having a light, well-proportioned feel. It has 88 keys, in ebony and ivory, and two pedals. This is a nice sized piano at 180 cm in length and 151 cm in width.
    The DE 932 Rud. Ibach Grand Pianoforte and stool is currently hired out.