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Hofmann & Czerny Upright Piano (680)

    Serial number: 45780. This Hofmann and Czerny was built by Hofmann in Vienna, Austria, in around 1957.
    Please note that there are many Hofmann pianos on the market (with varying spelling also), but this is the Austrian built one and is in a completely different league.

    This is special! Hand built, craftsman made item, this is one of the most beautifully built and high-quality pianos ever made! If people in general understood pianos and took the time to research brands, pianos like this would sell for many times the value we’re asking. The quality exceeds anything available current on our market and the piano compares and supersedes most pianos available. The casing is French polished mahogany. It has had new Abel, German hammers fitted.

    The tone is that typically European made piano sound of a mellower depth of tone, resonant bass, but with the ability to be played with great feeling to produce a range of tone from soft to loud. Modern pianos tend to be just loud, bordering on tinny… With its original ivory keys present, the piano has 88 keys – with a medium touch weight – and 3 pedals. The middle pedal operates a celeste-felt rail. The dimensions are a height of 116 cm, a width of 151.5 cm and a depth of 60.5 cm.

    The DE 680 Hofmann & Czerny Upright Pianoforte with stool is currently hired out.