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Hoffmann & Kuhne Upright Piano (742)

    Serial number: 44555. This piano was manufactured in Dresden, Germany. One of the best upright pianos to come out of pre-war Germany, this piano’s manufacture dates to around 1930.

    With a beautiful, repolished rosewood casing and height suitably adorned with frames and additional embellishments, this piano exudes the lovely warm and rounded tone from the place and period of its production. The piano has an 85-note keyboard with ivory-tipped keys, a medium weight touch, and 2 pedals. This piano’s dimensions are a height of 125 cm, a width of 151.5 cm and a depth of 66.5 cm.

    The DE 742 Hoffmann and Kuhne Upright Pianoforte with matching stool is currently hired out.