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H. Paetsch Upright Piano (106)

    Serial number MU522. This Paetsch piano was manufactured in Berlin, Germany.

    Wow! This piano has a presence! Its structure is refined with frames and flowing lines. The Burr Walnut casing veneer is adventurous and bold, with awesome variation of shades.

    Aesthetics aside, this is a typical old German piano of high quality and very good tone. The dimensions of this piano are a height of 132 cm, a width of 148.5 cm and a depth of 66 cm.

    The JAE 106 H. Paetsch Upright Pianoforte with stool is currently hired out.

    Piano trivia about this piano make’s origins…

    There is not a lot of information about Paetsch pianos. In fact, serial numbers and years of production were not recorded. This piano was potentially manufactured in the Hermann Paetsch Factory, but it could very well have been built by Friedrich Geil & Co.. Both factories having been said to have been established between the years of 1903 and 1905 and Friedrich Geil, Hermann Paetsch and Oscar Rehhahn as partners of the Friedrich Geil & Co., Rehhahn giving up his shares in 1912. There is an obvious connection and association between Paetsch and Geil.

    The Hermann Paetsch Factory is said to have been established in the years of 1903-1905 in Berlin, Germany, the factory closed in about 1931-33. The pianos may be referred to as ‘Paetsch’ or ‘H. Paetsch’. The factory and brand name was owned by Hermann Paetsch until it was taken over by Friedrich Geil & Co in 1918. The factory closed in 1931 or 1933.

    Friedrich Geil & Co. had also started producing pianos in 1904, in Berlin, Germany. The pianos were branded ‘Geil’. Sources say that Hermann Paetsch took over the Friedrich Geil & Co. Factory in 1918. How contradictory!
    With both factories, serial numbers and years of production were not recorded.

    The Pierce Piano Atlas at least has a record of ‘Geil, Fred Co.’ having manufactured in Berlin, Germany from 1904.

    But the plot thickens…
    There is an association between Paetsch and Geil as starting the Wagner (A. Wagner or Wagner, A.) brand prior to the Wagner Factory producing in Lenzen, but also that Friedrich Geil acquired the well-known Dresden piano brand Wagner in the 1930’s.
    One way or another, Paetsch was phased out and Geil’s sons, Erich Geil and Walter Geil became involved in the business. We will explore this avenue as time allows.